Crop Hydroponics 

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Shiva Ionically Balanced Base Nutrient

Products for home indoor hydroponics gardening and greenhouse hydroponic horticulture

Balanced Plant Nutrition and RHP Cocopeat Medium.

Whether your new to hydroponics or not, you'll learn and find all you need here at Crop Nutrients. Our easy to follow feeding charts, directions, grow-tips and calculators will put you on the right path for a successful harvest.

What's special about our hydroponic horticultural products?

Crop Nutrients are Ionically balanced! We offer you high-tech industry-first complete plant nutrition and RHP Buffered Cocopeat as used by leading professional growers.

Crop Nutrients and additives adjust the feed solution to the ideal PH and buffer shields against hard water supply, PH fluctuations and or nutrient block-out.

These extraordinary benefits help prevent crop failure and ensure a high yielding quality crop for all varieties of plant growing mediums, hydroponic systems and town water supplies.

The effect?

Our high quality ionically balanced nutrients will be more efficiently used and enjoyed by your plants, on direction for the fastest vigorous growth and the largest yield you've experience.

Its Leading Plant Science not Marketing!

Cultivating in Cocopeat Medium

Buffered Cocopeat