Bud Boost - Bud and Bloom Booster

Bud Boost

Organic Based Plant Food Booster

Hydroponic Additive - Bloom Phase

Crop Nutrients Bud Boost consists of several species of seaweed kelp, amino acids and high-grade potassium (ie key ingredients to improve flowering, growth and yield).

To be used immediately after our other popular organic based Vigogrow product, Bud Boost is applied during the flowering cycle to improve flowering, yield and produce (fruit and bud) quality.

Even experienced growers know the disappointment of having a crop ruined by disease, stress or deficiencies. Bud Boost's special organic ingredients strengthens a plants immune system, promotes health and provides the vital nutrition necessary for success.

Additional benefits of Bud Boost include:

  • Stimulates production of natural flowering hormones.
  • Improves ripening and bud set.
  • Increases natural oil and resin production
  • Increases weight/yield of buds and fruits
  • Strengthens resistance to disease and stress
  • Improves flavour, quality and aroma of end produce
  • Increases the storage life of end product


  • Apply Bud Boost from the 3rd week of the Bloom Phase until harvest.
  • Mix 1 to 2mls/Litre (4 to 8mls/Gallon).

Refer to the grow schedule for further information.

Available in 500ml, 1 and 5 litre size bottles.

Nothing beats a Bud Boost
Specially Blended Organic Ingredients for Superior
Health – Vigour – Resin - Yields